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Fun with Exercise

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05/11/2011 07:20 PDT

good stuff matt.great use of swiss/med balls to improve your core stability and explosive plyo moves to build overall strength, proper caveman workout!

got some great ideas on the site,keep it up mate


17/02/2011 20:17 PST

Who is singing the song "I turn to you" ????? IT is an awsome version that I would love to purchase but can't figure out the group singing.

Great information and workouts I love it!

Michael A

03/03/2010 14:48 PST

Toni, those push-ups with the balls and dumbbells are awesome. What was the weight on the dumbbells? 25 lb or so?

Lisa Espinoza

07/02/2010 10:15 PST

Hey Tony, you look awesome... I really appreciate that you did not cut the errors in the exercises.... and you continued to try and show us the reality of exercising.. it hard but keep trying.....thanks for keeping it real....
Thanks for sharing... see you again soon


15/01/2010 04:31 PST

Amazed you make me want to start a healthy lifestyle.
vivienne ireland


11/01/2008 07:48 PST

That was a pretty sweet video. You guys looked like you really had fun doing that. Very fitness and overall functional orientated as well. I really like this kind of training. Nice one.


16/12/2007 17:52 PST

Thanks Tony, it certainly was a lot more fun than the usual gym routines :)

Tony Bondioli

14/12/2007 10:13 PST

awesome... Awesome... AWESOME.

You look like you're having a lot more fun than the people who occassionally wander through in the background, Matt. This is great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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