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Exercise - pushups and pullups

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29/11/2018 11:00 PST

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Супер обновление! Теперь автошот не стреляет по своим! Автоматически стреляет только по врагам.
Даже случайное проведение курсором мышки по врагу, приведёт AutoShot в боевую готовность, и он выстрелит прямо в цель.

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Matt Washington State

12/04/2012 22:22 PDT

Great Job! Form looks good to me, considering the amount of strain that exercise puts on the body.
I'm gonna start those as part of my workout..


07/02/2012 16:41 PST

trying caveman diet, but a little worried. I am a fitness instructor and teach approximately 3 to 4 hours of exercise of different intensities. I have felt light headed quite a bit.


09/11/2011 08:00 PST

Love the site.

hey bud...

25/02/2010 18:53 PST

your body should be should also work on your form

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