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the Caveman Power Workout

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12/03/2015 05:20 PDT

While I agree with the whole this, isn't it just the Atkins diet/theory expressed in a different from?

Jay Collet

22/10/2014 06:59 PDT

Hey, thanks for the inspiration, hope to try this way of life out, keep it up, thanks Jay


24/03/2014 15:38 PDT

Crossfit form is so bad, its embarrassing to watch.
As embarrassing as this website...

Gary May

07/03/2014 02:26 PST

Great Site & Info!
Started diet with aim to become ever increasingly reliant on man made tosh & opinions :)
Rock on!


27/04/2013 13:18 PDT

Lot of contriversary I suppose dieting boils down to trial and error.


06/04/2013 16:28 PDT

if i am a footballer and training every day and doing gym is this diet good for me ? can u pls tell me i should be taking the food and how much ? before training after? i am trying to loose body fat as well as fast as i can...

Danny P

25/01/2013 17:07 PST

Being a high performance athlete, I was wondering if this type of diet would be beneficial for myself. Fasting for most of the day only eating nuts and drinking water, then unleashing on the food at night time? Or would it be more beneficial to eat 4-6 small meals during the day which the caveman diet allows?

Trent Black

16/12/2012 09:38 PST

I love what these guys are doing, which is putting the body in a state of ketosis. You will be burning fat to fuel your body instead of sugar. The results are amazing and include:

1. Have TONS more energy without caffeine
2. Almost no hunger since you can burn body fat as fuel.
3. Sleep a lot deeper. It is actually shocking.
4. Not have to endlessly worry about the next meal
5. The older guys sex drive INCREASES, viagra not needed
6. Lower Blood Pressure if you add flax oil for 3 months to your diet.

If you are a runner, you know that you get your 2nd wind after you burn all the blood sugar, and start burning fats. then, your running speed picks up instantly. Well, if you do this diet, you LIVE in your 2nd wind. Everything is easier and you don't get as tired.

I get a TON of people with cool letters after their name, go for carb diets. Well, that is because they are trained in the carb diets. They do what they were trained to do. They spend very little time studying ketosis diets.

You don't get near as hungry on this diet, as it is your BLOOD SUGAR that determines hunger, and not your stomach. If you are in a state of ketosis, your blood sugar stays constant, around 92, and does not go UP and DOWN like a roller coaster on the carb diets. If you run out of fuel to feed the body, the body just uses body fat. Pretty cool! ALSO, food cravings drastically decrease on this diet when you get off the sugar. Sugar pretty much acts as a drug.

Make sure you take your vitamins with this diet. And since I do meal plans, let me just tell you now. ALL DIETS require vitamin/mineral supplements to meet the USA RDA.

There is endless debate on high protein diets. I limit my protein and eat more nuts. If doing lots of meat, drink more water. Many claim kidney issues. Or eat more nuts.

Eating fat will make you skinny. I have been able to lose as much as 8lbs in one day on this diet (and no, that was not water weight.) Extreme weight loss if considered dangerous. But I think it is better then all the OBESE people around me. They all got tons of medical issues.

Here is the tough one to get people to understand. Constipation is not a FIBER issue, it is a pro-biotic (acidophilus) and yeast issue in the colon. If you have to much yeast in your colon, small round feces are made, and the symptom management is FIBER. If you get a yeast book, it will tell you how to eliminate the yeast, and make banana like feces, no matter what you eat. HOW CAN I SAY THAT? Well, first, try it. It works. And 2nd, dry feces matter is 60-80% acidophilus.


Joe Hopper

01/12/2012 18:25 PST

I just finished my first week. it was something else the first two days were rough and i felt like i was going to pass out in my mauy thai and judo classes. but now i can feel things starting to change in my body and my energy is coming back. ive lost 9 and1/2 pounds this week


08/11/2012 17:27 PST

sorry for double post here but I noticed as post afterwards.. clay williams.. vitamin D.... If I eat 3 oz of salmon I get 1 litre of whole milk worth of vitamin D.. in fact mackerel, tuna or sardines all contain twice as much vit D as whole cows milk! if you dont like fish just buy some cod liver oil capsules ( ensure you get the vit d ones) your looking at 10litres worth of cows milk in every one!!!! for adults drinking cows milk or the milk of any animal is a complete waste of time unless you have 0 access to other foodstuffs FACT


08/11/2012 17:17 PST

move the pull ups and bicep curl further apart in the routine.. maybe have the deadlift between them or your arms will die fast :)


24/09/2012 23:14 PDT

I just finished stage one of the caveman diet, and I'm surprised by the effects so far! I feel much better, more natural and less heavy. First I was highly addicted to cookies but now I can even resist them when someone else is eating them. And stage one wasn't even hard to do, now going on stage two! Whoohoo, go on me! I'm convinced that this is way far the best thing you can do to your body, to yourself.
Thanks to caveman power!


11/08/2012 13:12 PDT

I changed doctors a week or so ago due to the lengthy drove to my original doctor..The new doctor told me to start on the Caveman diet. I had never heard of it before she told me all about it's benefits ..Started this morning...


15/06/2012 18:55 PDT

what about tomato?


24/05/2012 00:18 PDT

Oh and Jeremy, you forgot to mention how much our society has evolved in medicine. Maybe this is the reason our life expectancy has doubled??

Matt, this site is what I've been trying to justify to friends and family for a little while now. Thank you :)


24/05/2012 00:08 PDT

Attn Ms Williams
I think you need to update your evidence-based knowledge of cow's milk. At the end of the day, it's for calves. Like human milk is for babies. Humans are the only mammals who continue to consume milk after the age of two. Humans are not biologically programmed to digest the large amount of the enzyme casein that is found in cow's milk, hence the common intolerance. Studies have shown that in fact, we have cow's milk to thank for osteopathic problems. You want Vit D? Get out in the sun without sunscreen for 15 mins a day and you'll be 'right :)


17/02/2012 11:19 PST

I noticed that many of the exercises in the video were excellent for total body fitness BUT they were being done with bad form. Do not compromise good form for speed. Its a recipe for injury. Also, The average life span of a "caveman" was half of modern humans. (Aside from disease and infections and lack of knowledge) they died younger from poor nutrition. Keep your food natural, unprocessed, (minimal processing )limit fats and sugars... you'll be fine.

spike dwards

22/01/2012 01:44 PST

just came across your site the other day im 48 and scales just went over 20st ive started this morning on stage one i will keep you posted ater week 1

Dan D

06/01/2012 07:35 PST

For those of us allergic to tree and other nuts, what should we substitute?


03/12/2011 20:50 PST

why can't you drink milk while on this diet, and simple sugars ie carbohydrates such as glucose. is what we use to form ATP! what we use for energy. so why cant we take in more simple sugars. when you have a diet that has to little sugar, proteins can be used to form ATP however this can cause serious induries (such as ketosis from the build up of harmful ketons, which in large conteties may cause the pH of the blood to decrese under the optimal 7.4 , which may cause brain damage and death.


25/10/2011 01:57 PDT

I've recently become interested in the Tarahumari Indians who live in the Sierra Madre mountains of northern Mexico. I'm especially interested in their incredible running ability. These people consider a marathon length race to be too short!

Which leads me to their diet. Traditionally, they used to hunt by a method that, I think is called exhaustion or attrition hunting, in that they literally run after their prey until the animal collapses or dies of exhaustion. But the bulk of their diet is vegan, consisting mostly of squash, beans, corn, chillies. They also brew a low alcohol beer from corn kernels.

As corn is really a grain crop, is it something that isn't included in the caveman's diet?

Also, because I love hot chillies, is there a place for them in the caveman diet?


09/08/2011 06:09 PDT

How effective is the Caveman diet for woman? I see post after post, however, most are from the caveman. What about the cavewoman, effective or not?

26/04/2011 02:29 PDT

I'd double on the names of some exercises, for example; deadlift and push up plus pull ups :-)


12/03/2011 06:20 PST

Its Pearl Jam Loz off their 2006 self titled album.


22/01/2011 06:20 PST

great inspo vid.

what is the name of the band/song in that video?, i love it

does itunes have it?


04/09/2010 22:22 PDT

nice one

clay williams

09/08/2010 15:09 PDT

I don't even know where to begin...I have a minor in biochemistry and am a physician, an osteopathic one at that, so I know about homeopathy and nutrition among other things. Somewhere among Atkins and South Beach diets, Paleo diet, the Caveman theory implemented with Paleo diet, CrossFit/Zone diets there is probably a true way to manage one's eating habits. I think the Zone diet is probably the best b/c it promotes HEALTHY and REALISTIC eating habits life long...eating the Paleo way too long puts you at risk for so many bad things including pancreatitis. What happened to just eating healthy carbs (vegs/fruits) and lean meats? You don't need to go a prolonged period of the day starving your body the Caveman way. If their nutrition was so good, why did they die so young? After a hard workout such as CrossFit, the Caveman diet would fail. Milk is another area of debate. I think limiting milk intake 2-3/week is adequate, but only whole milk gives you the essential and healthy fats that are removed to make 2%,1%, or even skim. Milk has great protein content, but I agree, if you can get the protein elsewhere and the fats from oily fish, almonds, etc. then limiting milk or excluding it is okay...but you have to have Vit D and unless you spend several hours a day outside in the sun, medical literature is clear that humans do not get enough Vit D. Most Dr.'s are recommending over a 1000 units of Vit D per day!! So, my opinion is 2-3 glasses of mild a week....the type depends upon your eating status. Bottom line: if it's processed, limit intake drastically, but occasional spaghetti with wheat pasta is not all that bad. Look at Italians or even Chinese...their intake of grains/pasta/carb is extremely high!! But they also have generations and 100's of yrs of genetics to accommodate it. Neverhtheless, grains, etc. cannot be all that bad

Richard Thompson

15/07/2010 03:15 PDT

I am just starting this diet and I want to eat more than just nuts n fruit what else can I eat and can I drink protien drinks (carb free)


05/07/2010 06:47 PDT



26/02/2010 22:31 PST


Surely cavemen did not drink a shake, but how do you explain the ubiquitous practice of eating a fast-digesting organ immediately following the kill? Liver, tongue, heart--depending on the tribe/ culture--this is the norm. Could it be that they were looking for post-workout replenishment?


04/02/2010 10:25 PST

ahh, isn't technology great. it has allowed mankind to progress at an exponential rate. also it has furthered our understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics. this video is a nightmare for correct form and injury prevention. we have gyms don't have to swing from trees doing something that barely resembles a pull-up. try maintaining proper form and technique, your results will be much better. this diet does have some truths and some fallacies. humans did not stop evolving with the cave man. our bodies can benefit from some pseudograins and grains such as quinoa. i do agree with avoiding processed sugars and fats, just as i agree that people should practice birth control and adoption. that is the reason low quality grains are used throughout the world--it is overpopulated and unsustainable, ehem china...india. someone should tie their tubes. but there IS a reason that the national health service of england and the american dietetic association have classified the paleodiet as a FAD diet. if hunter gatherer societies failed to suffer from "diseases of civilization", this was due to a lack of calories in their diet, or a variety of other factors, rather than because of some special diet composition. and yes ROELANT, protein consumption is crucial, along with fast acting carbohydrates, to replenish the bodies stores after a long physical bout. cavemen lived short lives. paleontologists would agree that they were of inferior health and stature, both in muscle and skeletal structure to the modern athlete. anyone who disagrees is attempting to romanticize these peoples for their own views or ideals.

Rick Chafton

30/10/2009 09:16 PDT

love the caveman theories. im a CPT and am trying to implement a few of my own ideas into training. excellent job.


15/09/2009 12:41 PDT

Post workout protein is unecessary...there is no proof (not funded by supplement companies) that says you will increase protein synthesis/recovery immediately post workout vs. one or two hours from now....Cavemen didn't take a shake immediately after killing an animal, they had to slaughter it, or drag it back the distance they hunted before eating...they maintained a large lean mass to fat ratio doing this. Beans contain toxins in them that fight off predators (this is why you have to soak and cook them prior to eating them), and the proteins are embedded in the fiber of the bean, which is virtually undigested. Eating proteins from beans will signal virtually no glucagon response, and you are eating a large proportion of starchy carbs for little protein (not much bang for your buck)...regarding dairy, most primal humans were off dairy after childhood. Dairy these days come from mostly grain fed cows (unless you buy organic) and so drinking their milk is basically like drinking liquid corn/grain...grassfed milk is better, but you are looking at fast digesting sugar, unless you use whole milk which will take longer to absorb. I personally like a glass or two after working out when I get home....up to you.



Brother Bill

05/01/2009 22:14 PST

I had heard of the caveman workout and just came across your site tonight. Alot of it is very inspiring. The questions I have fall under nutrition.

Why no beans??? I always thought that they were protein packed.

No dairy??? why is that??? sugar?? is'nt it natural though?

And I might of missed it but what about post workout protein??
Thank You and I look forward to learning more about your techniques....... Brother Bill

Justin Roberts

29/01/2008 16:39 PST

Love this site mate. Nice work.


16/12/2007 17:51 PST

Thanks Pimpata, your comments are spot on :)


15/12/2007 22:10 PST

Nice circuit, but speed may cause injuries which results from improper technique. Completing the sets quickly is a fundamental of circuit training just keep an eye on form specifically minimizing excessively jerky movements.
Nice job though Matt!


28/08/2007 19:35 PDT

Good comment.

What you see in the video is pretty rough. We're adding more exercises and correcting our form, timing, rest periods etc.

The video gets across the spirit of what we do, but that's a about all. lol

We'll have more videos soon.

USDA Prime

28/08/2007 19:27 PDT

He needs to work on form and technique, even with those basic exercises, and there needs to be more leg and hip work.

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