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Author Topic: Eating too much throughout the festive season? That's a good thing!  (Read 2459 times)

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Most of us are probably gorging on chocolate and big meals throughout the festive season, Dec 21st to Jan 1st.  As well as that, some of us have probably neglected to do a workout, train hard, or engage in vigorous activity.  Is this a bad thing?  ....hell no!  We can use this to our advantage.

In the body building and athletic world, there is a practice called "carb loading".  Which basically means; loading up on extra carbohydrates in preparation for an athletic event, or to facilitate extra muscle growth.

So, instead of feeling like you've taken a backward step in your health, embrace it for what it is; an opportunity to gain extra lean muscle mass or smash through a training plateau.  Let me explain further...

When you've loaded up on carbohydrates, your muscles store glycogen (sugar reserves).  And when you've abstained from vigorous activity, your body gets a chance to thoroughly repair any damaged tissue.  This is a good thing, because it means your body is full of energy reserves, and is your muscles are primed and ready.  When you have your next workout, you'll be ready to rock the world!  It may take on or two before you notice the difference, but I am willing to bet that you will certainly see an improvement in strength.

Here's my plan for the festive season;
  • Week 1 - Eat lots of chocolate, sugar, cake, etc, and enjoy the feasting. Enjoy eating to the fullest.
  • Week 2 - Lift weights, no running, no speed work... just heavy weights.  Eg. Deadlifts, Clean and Jerks, Pull Ups, Squats.
  • Week 3 - Return to a normal workout schedule - stronger than ever!

In Palaeolithic terms, I imagine it would be predictable for a hunter/gatherer tribe to stumble on a huge bounty of food on the rare occasion (perhaps a mammoth carcus), and it would make sense that they would indeed gorge themselves, as there were no refrigerators or fancy preservation methods back then.  I believe this would have been a normal practice before the Neolithic Revolution (pre 10,000 years ago) - which means that this practise would have gone on for over 2 million years.  If this is true, then our bodies have evolved to handle and even thrive off the the occasional binge, so in other words - enjoy your food.

Got any thoughts?  Please share  :)
"Be true to your biology"