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I know that back in the age of the cavepeople they used figurines carved from wood and/or made from clay to symbolize fertility. well I decided to make one of my own. Its very pagan-ish with its style but it serves the same purpose as the figurines our ancestors used :p
just thought I would share it with everyone, I feel very accomplished  :P

of course I don't need to boost my fertility, I've already managed to excel in that area hahaha. But I made it in a sort of mindset to ensure that I have a good pregnancy and that everything (and everyone) comes out healthy and happy.   ;)

Tony Bondioli:
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The Mother Goddess icon is an important image in my family's spirituality, as well.  You're gonna be a great momma!

Thanks Tony! Its always good to hear of people who have incorporated the Mother Goddess Icon into their lives, I don't find very many where I live  :-X

I hope I'm going to be a good mama! I think I will be, I have this extreme motherly instinct. its driving my husband nuts hahaha

That's really beautiful. Is it made from clay?

yes it is Falcon  ;D 

I haven't gotten around to baking it yet. morning sickness had me out for the count for a while.


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