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Author Topic: Paleo Power Paleo Focus  (Read 5361 times)

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Paleo Power Paleo Focus
« on: August 20, 2010, 06:13:38 AM »
As summer wains down I have recently purchased my second and final home one that I will hopefully live to be a hundred in. Its been kicking my butt between my busy season at work all the yard clean up a new baby on the way the inside remolding running the dogs running myself and now getting ready for hunting season i have a list a mile long.

As the weather holds its hot grip over our area i've been thinking of where i want to build my sweat lodge. The native americans have used sweat lodges for hundreds of years for cleansing the body and to tap into the spirit that moves through all things.

Im posting this to stimulate some new knowledge in people that have never looked into them so google it up.
The spirit of wilderness, born into those who seek the quiet placs in the temples of creation, unencumbered by the shackles and comforts of society, is the only reality.  Man becomes real, fulfilling his destiny, nourishing his soul, and touching the Creator with every step. Tom Brown Jr.