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Author Topic: Life energy of food.  (Read 2008 times)

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Life energy of food.
« on: July 05, 2010, 11:10:56 AM »
Hi all!, i would like to discuss the hidden energy and life in food.
I hope to gain further knowledge for myself and hopefully share some with others.
 What i have learnt is that all food which is grown from the ground has a energy field around it, which is known as its aura, we and all animals also have this electrical glow around our body, it is what shows us we are alive and what state of health we are in.
 All life is made of atoms which vibrate at a very fast rate, which causes a electrical current, as we grow old or when we die these atoms slow there vibration, causing the atoms to lose a lot of there electricity/energy/light/aura.
 When we eat fresh young living food the atoms are still highly charged, which then boosts our own atoms/body, which in turn increases our life/energy.

 When we eat a food that has been harvested its life/energy only has a short time in the body its in before it loses its vibration, when we eat these foods we in turn lose some of our own energy as it takes our body longer to break down the atoms.
When i talk of low energy foods some of these include all processed foods, all tinned foods, dried fruit, plus fruit and vegetables that are over 1-3 days old. ( I am not sure on the lengths of time the energy stays in fruit and veg at this moment so they are my best estimates) anyone know? We should be careful when preparing these foods as if we over heat or boil/bake/fry foods we instantly stop the energy vibrating losing the aura, obviously not heating food is best.

I also recommend food combination as food should not be mixed if its high in a protein, carbohydrate or fat due to them needing different acids to break them down in the stomach. There are lots of web sites which you will gain lots of free knowledge on this subject.

 I have studied a lot of diets and the way food acts in the body, the out come of all the knowledge is that we are natural seed distributors as are animals, we should try to eat as much fruit as possible in our diet and eat the seeds whole, no chewing as this stops the seed germinating. As the seed passes through the stomach it warms and stores heat which helps with digestion, saving valuable blood from the body, it then acts as a shovel and gently removes built up debris from the intestines. After its past through the body its at the beginning stages of germination and its got all the compost it needs to grow, plus its been spread far from its home, obviously our modern toilets prevent us from putting the seeds back into nature causing loss of vegetation. 

 I hope this information makes sense, its my best knowledge on the subject and i am always open to new information and questions on my theories.
thanks for reading! Stephen.
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