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Author Topic: Starting diet from 4.5% fat body.  (Read 1812 times)

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Starting diet from 4.5% fat body.
« on: June 28, 2010, 12:38:43 PM »
Hi people! I am new on this site, but have been adding n changing my diet close to weekly, I have studied food until my stomach bleed!
 I started 4 years ago after a 7 day colonic food fast course, they were very good and taught me about mind body and soul, been on the path ever since, only problem is i have looked, tried, read,  every aspect of food combination ( high protein, high carbs, vegan, veggie, geno-type, macro bionic whilst being a hard working builder, nature walker/climber.
 I have now reached the point of concern from friends and family and a growing concern myself about my size, I am 32, height 5ft 11, weigh 10st 7, BMI 21.5, fat 4.5%, water 62% and a metabolic age of 12!
I have stopped working now due to lack of fat, energy still was high and could out work most.
I have been eating a food combination diet where i will have my protein and carbs separate, every 3h drink 30mins before and was eating alot of raw/steamed veggies, spinach, beets, asparagus, broccoli  combined with rice, potato's or eggs, nuts, soy meat subs, fish.
i would add oils to my rice and avocado occasionally.
 food for my mind, body and soul has been the focus of my thoughts for far too long now and could do with some experienced guidance as i know alot are treading these paths now. thanks for reading! much love, stephen.
mmm, looking back at the figures,  ive been looking around, i know i am most probably the right size weight and all, i guess my concern was the attention i get from friends and family who are still eating the standard diet and whom in my eyes are over weight and/or unhealthy.
 looked into body fat more and found its not that bad being that low, as alot of athletes and body builders aim for around that target.
 guess your the odd one out these days if you try and rebalance yourself, glad ive found a site where similar people can discuss these topics. thanks, Mr Emery! good job!   
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Lets rewind this greedy process and regain our natural mind, body, and souls! Then we can move on and respect ourselves again. love life live long. x