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Author Topic: Caveman of Bondi can stay  (Read 8017 times)

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Caveman of Bondi can stay
« on: May 21, 2007, 01:13:00 AM »
Interesting story in the Daily Telegraph today...

By Andrew Chesterton
May 21, 2007 12:00

Update - here's a link to a video:

BONDI'S controversial caveman will become a permanent fixture on the beach's cliff face after Waverley Council backflipped on a decision to kick him out.
Jhyim "two hats" Mhiyles – who has lived on the cliff below the Bondi to Bronte walk for more than five years – was issued an eight day deadline to pack up and get out in March.
But he has now been granted permanent reprieve by the council, provided he abides by some new house rules.

The site's new landlord Waverley Mayor George Newhouse said provided Mr Mhiyles obeyed the rules he could call the cliffs – and their multi-million-dollar views – home.
"Ultimately we became increasingly concerned about Mr Mhiyles safety because of the expansion of his camp . . . his proximity to the cliff face and the problems with fires and gas cylinders," Mr Newhouse said.
"Some related hygiene issues have also become more difficult to manage.
"But if he continues to live on public land, Mr Mhiyles must abide by some house rules."

The new rules for Mr Mhiyles are no open fires, no explosives or combustible material, no disposing of human waste in public places and he must keep the area tidy and discreet.
Mr Newhouse warned that if the rules were broken, Mr Mhiyles could be kicked off the cliff face forever.
The news of Mr Mhiyles reprieve pleased locals, who consider the aspiring poet an unusual tourist attraction.

"I think he's a like a permanent sculpture by the sea," a resident said.

Reprieve ... homeless Bondi resident Jhyim Mhiyles will not be forced to
leave his cliff face squat if he follows new council requirements. / The Daily Telegraph

Original article is here,22049,21763863-5006009,00.html
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