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Author Topic: My Caveman Power Diaries  (Read 5403 times)

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My Caveman Power Diaries
« on: December 08, 2014, 06:31:16 PM »
Hi Everyone.

Started stage 1 of "Caveman Power" today and intend to stick its philosophy for life, I really buy into the reasons behind why this way of eating is natural and will work.
I'm a 28 year old male currently weighing in at 227 lbs, I want too loose at least 50 lbs before I'd look to maintain my weight.

From what I have read at Stage 1 you are supposed to eat what you like for your feast, the idea is you will get sick of junk food and crave healthy foods. I will do it a little different and my feasts may not always be total junk food as I want a quick start to weight loss.
During the day I will only drink water and not eat anything apart from my feast in the night, I'd find that easier than grazing on small amounts of food during the day.
Also my feast would be very late at night, tonight for example my first feast was at 1:30am, this is due to my job being a long day from 10:00-23:00, once I finish work I go the gym then home to feast and sleep.

So I have a few questions that hopefully someone could give me advice about

- Is it ok to not eat at all in Stage 1 during days, or is better to eat something. I could force a veggie or something during the day if it would benefit, however my preference is not to eat at all during the day

- I love Junk food, I feel that I would never get sick of it, did anyone else feel this way when starting ?

- I want to loose weight from the start so I still want to have a daily calorie deficit, eating 2000 calories per day should put me at a deficit to loose weight. Is this in line with doing the diet correctly ?
 chances are the feast would not be over 2000 calories anyway as I'd get full before consuming that much, 2000 calories is a lot for one sitting.

- What is the score with sugar free energy drinks and soda, should I cut these out all together. I really like them especially sugar free Monster energy of a morning.

Thats all the questions I have for now, I will use thread to log my progress and update daily on what I eat and exercise done, and also portray my thoughts on how I'm feeling. Doing that would really help me keep going and I'd be grateful of any feedback from you guys.
Will post a picture tomorrow so it can be compared in a few week/months time to see progress.
Below is my log of Today


Hard day at work, didn't have time to eat anything anyway. I drank a couple cans of diet pepsi today though, I will stop this in future days. Finished work at 23:00 and worked out at gym.
While at gym done a 1.5 mile in 12 minutes 58 seconds burning about 160 calories. Also done about an hours training on various weights and resistance machines.
I was surprised with the energy I had, considering I'd not eaten anything yet. I even achieved my personal best 1.5 mile time. 

I got home at 1:30am, and had my feast
x2 Small Burgers (No Buns)
x 2 small sausages
handful of grated cheese 
Some tomato sauce

That was the meal, after that I eat 4 grapes and a strawberry, sounds pathetic when I type that but its all that was left in the fridge :P

Thats it for DAY 1, will start tomorrow with a cold bottle of water. Going to be tired tomorrow as its 2:30am now and I'm in work for 8:00am and my muscles are sore from my workout.

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Re: My Caveman Power Diaries
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2014, 06:22:01 AM »

Yesterday was tough to get through the day, I got hungry on several occasions but it passed as I made do with water and a can of diet pepsi.
I was on a first aid course at work, so a normal 9-5 day for once, dinner was served by the course presenters and I didn't have anything and watched everyone else eat, that was tough.

When 23:30 came by I decided to have my feast, it consisted off

x2 Small Battered Fish
1 Small Pack Of Veg (including carrots, sweetcorn and broccoli)
2x Small Sausages
1 Can of Marrow Fat Peas
Handful of cheese

That meal was roughly about 700-800 calories.

So I had 8 custard creams after that bringing my daily total to about 1400-1600 calories roughly. So its a pretty big deficit today.

My weight as of today (DAY3) is 225 lbs.


Its only 14:00 so haven't eaten yet, wont eat until very late tonight as I'll be going the gym to do some cardio and weights at 23:00, my feast will be about 1:00am
I intend to have a similar meal to last night minus the peas, I didn't really like them.

Its too early to tell if this is working or not yet, I'll keep going.

PS wow this forum is a ghost town, 3 posts in last 2 days and 2 of those posts are mine. 

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Re: My Caveman Power Diaries
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2014, 08:14:59 AM »
DAY 3 Continued

Went the gym for 23:00 and done

18 minutes cardio, ran 2.5k  burning 200 calories
10 minutes stair lift burning 100 calories
10 minutes cross trainer burning 50 calories

3 x 10 rep sets of bar bell curls at 20kg
3 x 10 rep of triceps push down machine at 250 lbs
3 x 10 rep of biceps curls at 70kg
3 x 10 rep assisted chin ups (100kg assistance)
3 x 10 rep triceps dips assisted (80kg)
3 x 10 rep bench press 30kg
3 x 10 rep dumb bell flys 20kg ( 2 x 10kg)

So a decent work out, got home at 1am really hungry and looking forward to food.

I had

2 x Battered fish (small)
2 x Sausages
Pack of mixed veg (100g)
Handfull of cheese
Box of micro chips

Felt full and satisfied, felt energetic all day and done a decent work out in evening, very happy so far.


I woke up and weighed myself, I weight 223 lbs, so that's 4lbs lost in 4 days not bad.
In work for 12 hours today so I wont be visiting gym tonight, will have what ever I feel like for my feast keeping it under 2000 calories to keep my deficit.

Looking at these forums it looks like I'm the only active member, hopefully someone is reading my posts and joins to share their experience.
I'll keep my log going for my own motivation even if know one bothers to read this, will get round to posting a picture when I get home tonight.

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Re: My Caveman Power Diaries
« Reply #3 on: December 12, 2014, 08:41:51 AM »
The point if stage one is to get sick of the junk...... So have a big pile , rather than counting the calories. You might think you won't get sick of it, but believe me if you have your favourite meal every night for a week, you'll be put right off !

You don't need to lose any weight stage one, though some do...... It's just to get you sick of the junk remember !

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Re: My Caveman Power Diaries
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2014, 08:19:48 PM »
Well done with progress and details but have to agree with lilnicki as you shouldn't be looking for a calorie deficit.  Stage one is about indulging in whatever your heart desires as this is a lifestyle change and make sure to do it right instead on stumbling out of the gates.  Now, you obviously are all in and that is critical but please follow the principles.  If you read my thread, I indulged on  whatever my heart desired and eventually, I was ready to move on.  Your body needs to reset and by shocking it with calorie deficit and exercise, it is too much too soon.  I started at 276 and currently maintain a weight between 223-227.  I indulge whenever I feel like it but my body has been conditioned to eat caveman style every other meal that day. 

Keep up the good work and yes, it is quiet here because it is the holiday season and on average, most people gain 7-12 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas so many are probably just busy.  Let's face it, nobody wants to start changing their lifestyle with so much to enjoy this time of year.  Also, sadly, many have failed and have given up but I have a hunch Jan 1st, many more people will be jumping on board.

Good luck!