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Hi, I'm new here...


Okay, I have read some of this but things sometime just seem to be too confusing and complicated for me...I have 10 children, I went from 98 lbs to 169 with my first and from there I have just gained...I am now at an all time high of 253. I havent gained a single pound since I was pregnant last so its not that I am eating all the time, I just can't seem to rid all the weight I have gained with each pregnancy and I am desperate! I'm looking for someone willing to help me thru some of this...give me ideas of meals and such, and just be supportive for me. Anyone wanna help me get started with this???

Take an honest look at where you might be going wrong.......

How big are your portions ?....... Your stomach should be the size of your fist, but has the ability to stretch considerably...... Look at the food on your plate...... If it's more than two fists worth then it's too much.

Are you a snacker ?...... Do you pick at food whilst you're preparing a meal? ..... Or grab bits and pieces during the day ?

Which food is your downfall?..... Bread, pasta, cake , junk , take-away?.....try and have plenty of this for your evening feast stage one so you become sick of eating it. This will help you crave healthier foods.


me too. i'm also new


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