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Author Topic: heres a quick list for north america  (Read 4120 times)

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heres a quick list for north america
« on: March 06, 2009, 08:37:05 AM »
pine needles,  steep in a tea and they contain as much vitamin c as orange juice
indian pipe, gets rid of warts (works great have used it before it does turn your skin a darker color until the wart peels off)
cattail, at the base of the green leaves theres a sticky substance that is an antiseptic and numbs pain
sumac, fresh berries, new bark, and leaves (not the one that will make make you itch) thirty min. boil good for cold sores, sore throat, and urinary prob.
dandelion leaves if made in a tea good for digestion also hight in vitamin A
burdock, the raw leaf rubbed on itchy skin, posion ivy, bug bites,
mullein, fresh flower tea can aid digestion if you have a stomach virus but will also make you sleep, the dried leaves can be smoked for a strong effect or the vapors from a tea can be inhaled to dry up and clear out congestion, you can also wash wounds with the tea and apply dried leaf powder t aid healing

there is so much more also like elderberry,  always get a field guide until you know what your doing and what plants because it does get very overwhelming when you get in the field. peterson field guide makes a good book with color pics, and there are so many others tom brown jr's, wild edible and medicinal plants tells stories of the plants that he has used in his life and adds a more personal touch to the normal scientific books.  there is also a website www. that sells alot of the herbs and also the seeds so you can grow them at home.  the webpage will give you the plant and the uses.

have fun and be careful
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