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Before and After 28 lb loss in 6 weeks

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Before- 93 kg at 5' 10"
After- 80 kg at 5' 10"

That's an amazing achievement, and great inspiration for everyone here :)

Fantastic results!

What timescale was that achieved in?

Well done!

It was approximately 6-7 weeks of strictly <20g of carbs per day, high fats and moderate protein, but strictly paleo. I wouldn't say i exercise regularly at all. The weight loss has slowed down now, to about 1lb to 0.75lb per week, though sometimes i can lose a pound over night. I drink ALOT of water, green tea and am very strict, no fruits as they can kick you out of ketosis. I may experiment with intermittent fasting or maybe try "carb load-up days" every 8 weeks to restore glycogen levels in the liver and muscle and subsequently boost metabolism. Thank you for the kind comments

Superb! It's a great commitment you've made. Well done for sticking to it.

I'm at the end of week 2 stage one now. Managed to shift 9lbs so far without exercise. Starting back on my DDP Yoga which I'm sure will increase the weight loss and help me toward my target.

All the best!



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