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All day we are bombarded by slick advertisements selling us junk foods. Let's have one sane place where we advertise real food. Submit your delicious photos here.

I'll go first.

Tony Bondioli:
Here's the white-tailed buck I shot 4 days ago.  (Not huge, but the picture makes it look smaller than it really was:  about 130 pounds on the hoof, and 100 pounds dressed-out.)  My family feasted on some delicious loin steaks from this noble animal last night.

That is food porn! Especially the 2nd image in the 1st post. Here are some I took a while back when my wife and I were redecortating our kitchen.

Tony Bondioli:
Today's lunch:   Rabbit (fresh-killed by my father) and a mixed salad.

Over 30lbs of Striped Bass. Fishing can be great exercise. Hiking to a remote fishing location with all of your gear on your back and if your lucky enough to get a big one the fight can be a nice workout in itself. I fillets these guys and used the remains to fertilize my vegetable garden. (Nothing wasted)


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