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Author Topic: Bush workout and run  (Read 2662 times)

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Bush workout and run
« on: July 08, 2008, 12:41:34 AM »
Hey there.

Thought I'd share a recent run and bush workout with you. This one is particularly for those on the Central Coast. It consists of a 5km (or thereabouts) run, hill and resistance training. For those not on the coast adjust the distances and locations to suit your own circumstances.

From McMasters Rd Woy Woy, run North along the foreshore to the playground on the corner of Brickwharf and North Burge Rd. Turn around and retrace your steps. Pass the turnoff to Mc Masters Rd and continue on to Blackwall Rd. Before you reach the boat ramp switch back in south westerly direction along Blackwall Rd. About 100m along the road (to your left or south) you will see the start of the Blackwall mountain water tank service road. This is the start of you hill climb (approximately 115m). Stunning views on the way up. At the top (about %km from the start at McMasters Rd) there are walking trails that are perfect for running. Lots of obstacles and uneven terrain to side step and leap. As you move around the trail there are plenty of opportunities for chin ups from an Angophora branch or push ups or standing jumps on the sandstone out crops. Other exercises can be added depending on your needs.

It takes about an hour to return to McMasters Rd.

It's the perfect time to be in the bush. It's cool, the Acacias and Happy Wanderer's are flowering.



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Re: Bush workout and run
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2008, 07:58:13 PM »
Sounds great Jon.  I've ridden my bike up Blackwall mountain... it's pretty hard work.

We've been mountain climbing and riding through Brisbane Water National Park on the weekends - i'll yell when have another ride planned - none of us are pro riders but we sure have a lot of fun.  One of my favourite workouts (if you'd call it that) is to climb up a few steep mountains whilst carrying a mountain bike on my shoulders, and then ride down the other side of them.  I particularly like waterfall climbing, also with the bike.

I usually go bush at least once a week, it helps me to get over the insanity of modern society.  When i'm in the bush  I feel safe, calm and wonderfully alive - it's funny how modern society has the totally opposite effect on me.  In fact, I think modern society is sick, and it feeds on fear and the threat of inadequacy.

And you're right, this time of year (winter/spring) in the bush is gorgeous.  I'd encourage anyone to get out there, and find out who they really are  ;)
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