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I've not been on here in awhile so here's the skinny (pun intended). Beginning in April I was close to 230 lbs, and losing my breath just tying my shoes sometimes. I joked around about maybe having to remove the arms of my chair at work so I wouldn't get stuck in it, yada, yada, yada. I heard about Caveman/Paleo and checked out this site. I'm hovering around 200 lbs, I've been 199 twice and I'm on my way to 185 lbs. I started biking to work a couple of times per week, which is just over 12 miles one way. I feel great, am getting new clothes and am saving money by not buying junk food. Thank you to you regulars who always encourage people on and live what you preach. Steve

Wonderful Job Steve91911!!!!!  :o ;D

WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE  ;D good for you!!

Thank you Kenney and Scorpio, and everyone else on here. What a journey!! I'm at 182 tonight, down from 230 in April. I still ride my bike to and from work, have done some Crossfit training to build strength in my midsection and surfing. Surfing has kicked my butt more than any workout. I went from 2x shirts and tight 38 inch waist to med/large shirts and 34 inch waist. I don't care if I lose much more, I'd like to maintain and just feel healthy. My stamina has come back, very nice.  ;D I'm almost ready to stop buying clothes from thrift stores and get some nice clothes. Until next time, keep it real....real simple, caveman style!! Steve

treasure pius:
 :D ;D :D ;D :D ;D


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