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Author Topic: ME CAVE MAN NOW  (Read 2171 times)

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« on: October 14, 2011, 10:31:16 AM »
Hello fellow Cavemen and Women!
I am currently 6 days into the power diet and I just wanted to share my results.

A bit about myself first, I have always, always been a good 20-30lbs over what I should’ve have been as long as I can remember. It wasn’t till recently that I started experiencing severe reactions to any quantity of carbs and sugars. I would almost pass out from eating even a small meal. In the past 8-10 months I’ve shot up from 185 to over 200 lbs! I went on vacation to a beach resort and naturally… I ate a ton of very, very BAD food. I stayed sick feeling and sluggish the whole time I was there. When I got back, that’s when I started researching diets and I stumbled across this website. After many hrs of research, I’ve concluded that sugar is the DEVIL! At least the fructose variety anyway… I started the diet on a Sunday afternoon, it’s now Friday and I have a NEW lease on life. I’m incredibly motivated and excited for the future. I’m 27, set in a career; about to build a house and a family with my wife…it’s either now or never! I’m keeping a daily log of weight, body-fat%, and true fat loss…  below are my results of my first week and exactly how and what I did on CAVEMAN POWER!

Typical daily food routine…
-   Large glass of water slammed first thing upon waking and throughout the day, helps very much to keep you full as well as flush your system
-   Very light grazing on energy blend trail mix… maybe two handfuls a day, maybe…. 
-   Dinner consists of a large portion of white meat (tilapia, chicken breast, etc…) two pieces of fresh vegetables, normally tomatoes and squash (used olive oil and salt free seasoning). Perhaps twice this week I’ve had a serving of low sugar fruit.
-   That’s it… no more and no less
-   In case you’re wondering, you will get a bastard of a headache… it’s just your body converting over from running on sugar and simple carbs to using fat stores as the primary energy source.

Exercise –
I’ve gone for a brisk walk two times on a 1.25 mile track near by the office for my lunch break and have done a single light jog of about a mile. I plan on incorporating weight lifting this weekend; I wanted to let my body adjust to the new cal intake before anything heavy.   

As for the numbers…

That is 7.3 lbs of weight and 4.3 lbs of actual fat loss in 5 days….
I expect the trend to slow down a bit as I delve further into the cave, but I am highly impressed with the results so far.

I will write in again soon and I’ll post some before and after pics…
Also, I saw Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead – it will have a profound effect on you… it was my catalyst

Thanks all, and keep fighting the good fight

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« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2011, 10:35:40 AM »
Sorry folks...

   here are the numbers

Sunday        10-9-11  202.0 lbs   - 27.5% fat
Monday     10-10-11  201.5 lbs   - 27.0% fat
Tues         10-11-11  196.5 lbs   - 27.0% fat
Wed          10-12-11  196.4 lbs   - 26.5% fat
Thurs       10-13-11  195.2 lbs   - 26.2% fat
Fri            10-14-11  194.2 lbs   - 25.8% fat

Caveman Power...

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« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2011, 08:19:58 PM »
I watched that documentary just the other day. It was very informative and shows just how well fasting can help boost weight loss. Though the thing it forgot to point out was that fasting for long period of time (say months or years) can be unhealthy. It was very entertaining none-the-less
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« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2011, 02:14:34 PM »
Supersize me is a good doc too...

PS Clifton, fasting is great but don't forget to feast. You still need your calories to live, I don't think I could live on chicken breasts and salad. I didn't see any red meat on your lists, cavemen ate lots of fatty red meat.
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