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From last weekend


From my car forum, from a guy that hasn't seen me in several months commenting on pics from our Galveston Run  ;D

"Sorry I couldn't make the run. Those photos just don't look right without a RED Spyder.
Everyone looks great and so do the cars. But who is that skinny guy that looks like Mark?"


Me (Mark) on the left, drinking the water and not smoking the ciggy  8)

Drop 45lbs and people notice.

Well done on your weight loss houmax.. must make you feel good when you hear something like that

There are quite a lot of threads on this, so do have a browse...... it really depends how strict you want to be...... i found it really bad when i came off caffeine which told me what it was doing to my body...... i don't have caffeine any more, though i do have an occasional cup off decaf. If you want to give it up, then look for something else you find delicious, so you won't be tempted back on it...... green tea is worth a try or redbush.


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