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General Discussion / Re: First week of Stage 1
« Last post by Storm5 on November 05, 2014, 05:19:55 PM »
Well, no major changes as weight is around 225 and time to step it up.  I have been slacking but my workouts negate any slacking- by slacking, I mean not always doing paleo meals but mixing it up every couple days.  I spoke to my wife and got her approval to take it to the next level with eating super strict paleo meals and no sweets.  I said this before but my body is ready...I feel strong..I feel angry...I feel determined like never before as I am not satisfied with how much wight I have lost. 

Starting Monday, 11/10, I will be back on berries, eggs, paleo protein powder, and all paleo meals only as this is going to be the biggest challenge yet.  Over the course of this entire diet, I always had a meal or two and a couple gluten free treats but the treats are going away.  Even enjoyed more beer than I wanted but over it.   Will start cycle all over from stage 3 on Monday, list my new starting weight, and update accordingly.  Will use the weekend to fine tune my planning for meals, water intake, etc.(even though i am drinking 2 gallons a day.  I have found that when I don't eat strict paleo, my moods change in a negative way even though I am adding muscle and getting in great shape.  Total daily cleanse and 100% paleo- no hybrid meals anymore.  Again, I didn't think I wanted to get lower than 225 and set a new goal of 215 pounds.  My body and mind are ready for Caveman Extreme as I call it so wish my luck and update coming Monday.

Bottom line, if I did strict paleo for past month, I would be at least 5-7 pounds lighter.  Wish me luck!

That is fantastic news!  7 pounds in a week in great progress and eventually, the snowball effect will take place.  Keep it up buddy!

Food & Diet / Where and how to buy nuts, and...celery??
« Last post by RichardHicks50 on November 05, 2014, 11:34:07 AM »
Where do i buy unsalted nuts??  Everywhere I went today all i saw was packages of different nuts all with salt in them?? I guess that discludes pecans and cashews right?  What about celery is that permittable to eat during stage one. Is that considered a root vegetable? 
Advice Column / Re: caveman wits end...zappppped outtttt!!
« Last post by RichardHicks50 on November 05, 2014, 11:20:48 AM »
I just need to let out my frustrations. I lasted on my wife's diet about 2 days, and that was back when I wrote the first post... I'm tired of being fat, exhausted and with no energy.  It seems that my wife wants me to stay fat. She is not supportive at all.  A person that is morbidly abuse as myself needs a inner strength from God that I just cant seem to find... How to tap into that I have no clue how to find that will power and self-control.  We eat 'out' quiet a bit.  It is quiet and easy for my wife who has a very busy life, on top of it all she is a cake baker as a side hobby that takes up a lot of her time. It is easy to get a quick meal, and slurp it down and be over with it for the night. I'm not a big snacker but I do eat two helpings of supper mostly, and always get a double burger when we go out. When she does cook its always something fried. I feel like I am a heart attack waiting to happen.  NO one cares but my mom, she is constanting on my about my weights and knows I am not healthy when i call her. Just dont know what to do at this point, i need encouragement of some type and motivation. just saying!!

Paleolithic Medicine & Natural Remedies / Re: daughter has heartburn
« Last post by rhizome on November 04, 2014, 08:46:07 AM »
I found that the cause of my heartburn was actually low stomach acid, not excessive stomach acid.

The symptoms are very similar, a lack of stomach acid causes increased fermentation, which in turn causes gas and can cause some acid to travel back up.  Stomach acid inhibiting drugs actually make this problem worse for many individuals.

Digestive bitter herbs on the back of the tongue pre-meal are great for preventing indigestion and heart burn, especially after large meals.
Fitness & Exercise / Re: What can i do to get bigger biceps?
« Last post by rhizome on November 04, 2014, 08:43:57 AM »
You would want to focus on the heavy compound exercises that involve the biceps such as bent over barbell/dumbell rows, pull-ups and chin-ups.

These 3 exercises hit the biceps well, amongst other muscles such as the back/lats.
Food & Diet / Re: Good fat burning foods?
« Last post by rhizome on November 04, 2014, 08:42:27 AM »
Sea vegetables such as dulse, wakame, nori, kelp etc are great for supporting healthy thyroid gland function and metabolism.

Seaweeds are also a great source of iodine.
Fitness & Exercise / Re: How to get strong, and how not to look like a 'muscle guy'
« Last post by Ender on November 03, 2014, 10:47:58 AM »
With strength comes beauty. You don't have to look like a world class bodybuilder to be strong, but as you become stronger, your muscles will become more defined and, depending on the addiction you get from seeing the bigger muscles, you may change your opinion and want to get bigger. But, to provide insight into your question, lift heavy things. Where do you do your workouts? Do you have access to a gym? At home? Do you have access to equipment? How about logs and rocks? If you can tell me what you have at your disposal, I can better answer the question.
Fitness & Exercise / Re: What can i do to get bigger biceps?
« Last post by Ender on November 03, 2014, 10:36:29 AM »
Building bigger muscles is all about contraction. Slow, steady movements of the specific muscle with more concentration on the negative. Muscles can handle more weight in the negative than the positive. Specifically biceps, concentration or incline curls (dumbbells), slow and steady, concentrate on the bicep moving the weight, 4 count up, 4 count down. For added contraction, when you reach the top of your rep, ensure your pinky is higher than the thumb. You don't need to go heavy, or high reps, focus on the specific muscle moving the weight. Quality is far better than quantity.
General Discussion / Re: Gunna give it a go
« Last post by Johnathon on November 03, 2014, 02:22:51 AM »
Weighed in today ... 89.6 kg. Here's a few observations again. Weight is coming off slowly but it can't be the only good sign.  I'm stronger, have more energy and general zip. I even had to buy some new underwear cause the old ones wouldn't stay up anymore. Not sure anymore what stage I'm doing. Sometimes i graze all day sometimes not at all... depends on what I'm doing. Good quality grazes though and the nightly meal is also quality organic food. I think I'll just continue on like this and see where it leeds me.
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