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Hi All,

Inspired by fellow poster Storm5, I have decided to launch full steam ahead into this food plan / lifestyle (I hate calling anything a diet).

I’m currently at 98.1KG and have a goal of 81KG in order to achieve a healthy weight and normal BMI etc. I was 86KG for years until the past year and a half where I have attracted a ton of extra kilos, largely because of increased bad food choices and driving a lot more where before I walked etc.

Anywhooo….I’m on day 1, about half way through and feeling ok. I got a CRAZY hunger pang this morning and felt a bit dizzy/fuzzy etc but I just grabbed a handful of cashews and took a walk on my lunch and I’ve had no hunger since then. Amazing really. I can’t believe it’s 3pm in the day and all I’ve had is 2 pieces of watermelon, an apple and 4 or 5 handfuls of nuts. I’ve drank a ton of water too. I like Storm5’s phrase “Water Is Strength”…any time I’m getting hungry I’m downing a ton more water. If I’m still hungry after a few minutes then I know it’s time for a little grazing. Water has been doing the trick most of the time so far today though!

I’m determined to stick to this. I’ll update here when I can.


PS: for exercise I'm trying to cycle into work each day. It's about 30mins (9km). I've also gutted my garage and made it into a gym with exercise ball, exercise mat, weight bench, rowing machine and skipping rope. Plan to just do cardio (no weights) for this first 2 weeks. 30mins cardio per day seems to be the sweet spot.

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