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General Discussion / 5 day fast
« on: September 08, 2010, 12:21:07 AM »
So I just completed a 5 day fast and maybe it's because I was forced to fast (I ran out of money 5 days before my pay check lol) but after like 2 days with no food i started getting angry really easy even at the littlest of thing like if the elevator (normally i don't use it but i was trying to conserve calories) took over 10 seconds to get to my floor i felt like i wanted to destroy entire planets lol. normally I'm an easy going laid back person and it normally takes a lot to get me angry. it was weird. Also normally when i watch animal documentaries and see and animal eating and animal i always wonder if it would taste good but during this fast everything looked delicious even a people. It's probably for the best if i don't do long fasts often (i like fasting during the day and eating at night though) I'm afraid ill end up turning into a cannibal lol. strange though the only thing i craved the entire time was MEAT. Anyone else have any experiences with fasting?

General Discussion / Going Primal
« on: July 19, 2010, 10:46:26 PM »
I decided to actually start eating primal (I like the term primal better because it has the word prime which means that's how Optimus Prime eats) and it's a lot easier then i thought it would be. I posted before I live and Thailand and people always want to give me free stuff (mainly junk food and alcohol) and it's considered impolite to refuse. But I was surprised how many people just say OK if you tell them you are on a diet (then they ask how long and don't understand it's a lifestyle change lol). So that's worked for me pretty well. The only annoying thing is now I cook my food and that means dirty dishes... I hate cleaning.

But other then that annoyance everything is good. I started on sunday and during the day i eat some fruit (unripe mango and cantaloupe) and some nuts (almond and hazelnuts. Maybe some sunflower seeds if I get and urge for them). On sunday I ate a stir fry of beef (a lot), pork (a lot), assorted veggies, and a salad with nuts. It was very filling and delicious. Monday night I ate an omelet with chicken and tomatoes mixed in there (with about 6 eggs) and a massive salad with nuts. Now that I have no clean dishes tonight I'm going to eat Korean BBQ because they have a lot of meat and veggies and put off cleaning dishes until tomorrow.

Just wondering if that sounds OK for this diet. The meat and veggies aren't organic because I can't find that here and I use fish sauce in some things I make (stir fry) which I'm sure isn't primal.

Paleolithic Medicine & Natural Remedies / oil pulling
« on: June 18, 2010, 01:38:08 AM »
Oil pulling is where you swish on oil for like 10 - 20 mins and its suppose to remove toxins from your body. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about this and what is your take on it. I cant see how it could remove toxins from your entire body, like it claims, the mouth maybe. Here's a link to find out more

Food & Diet / "natural" fruit
« on: June 17, 2010, 09:46:05 PM »
I was wondering what are some fruits that haven't been selectively bred through the centuries to have high sugar content?

So i was watching a friend of mine drinking a coke the other day and it sure is a strange looking liquid. I was thinking if a caveman was walking along and saw a bottle of coke would it would even cross his mind that you can drink it. I know he would notice it and wonder what is was because of mans natural curiosity but would he eventually drink it? To me brown fizzy liquid doesn't shout out DRINK ME! but millions of people love it. And if he did eventually realize you can drink it and not die (instantly) would he like the taste. I know i used to love coke but now i cant stand it. These are the things that keep me up at night... you can tell i get bored.

General Discussion / Rice that can be eaten without being cooked
« on: June 10, 2010, 07:32:02 PM »
So I was reading about some rice developed in India which doesn't have to be cooked to be eaten you just soak it in water for a bit. I know that still would really be paleolithic food but would it be better then normal rice. It was made by certain selective processes and not direct genetic manipulation.

Advice Column / eat fast or slow
« on: June 09, 2010, 02:52:47 AM »
For some reason I always eat and drink really fast,I don't know why it's  just always been like that. Are their any bad effects from eating fast? Should I try to slow down or does it really matter?

I found this video a couple years back it gets kinda weird but still interesting. some how or another it led me to daniel quinns books, a must read for any modern caveman IMO   

Advice Column / new here and have a strange problem
« on: June 05, 2010, 02:04:13 AM »
Hey I'm new to the forums here and the the "caveman" type lifestyle. I've done similar diets like this before (spartan health regime and warrior diet) both seemed pretty good i only stopped because i went broke. Now I'm trying to start the primal lifestyle up but i have a problem that i didn't think about when deciding if i should start now. Currently I'm living in Thailand (been here about 2 years) and will be going back to the states in about 3 months. I want to start the eating part of the lifestyle change first because that's always the hardest for me and i came to Thailand to learn muay Thai and they train everyday 2 times a day for 4 hours each time (i only go 1 time a day because i have a job). At first i thought my problem would be trying to find food without rice,noodles or sugar, which if i go to restaurants or food vendors is almost impossible its Asia so rice and noodles are with everything and Thai people eat more sugar then any American I've ever seen, they put in everything, literally. But i found a small portable stove thing so i can cook my own food now and all of that stuff isn't really a huge problem anymore. my problem is because i stick out like a sore thumb here (being not Asian) when people see me they are either afraid/shy or really excited and want to talk and when this happens they always want to give me food (non caveman friendly food), beer, or whiskey which i have no problem with normally. also co workers always bring in food to share. I could always say no thank you but it doesn't seem to be in their culture  to say no when offered a gift and they think its very weird if you do. So my question would be should i just wait until i go back to the US or try to find some way around local hospitality? i really want to start now but i don't think i can go 100% in while in Thailand. So any advice would be helpful, thanks.

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