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Food & Diet / Re: farmer's market
« on: September 14, 2008, 03:58:30 PM »
on the farmers market issue, your average small to medium farmer will grow good quality food that actually tastes good if you get it fresh. the problem with supermarket chains is the centralised buying which knocks the small guy out and also he can't give them the credit they want either. but at the end of the day people have to support shops that support local farmers especially when it comes to organic food. remember if farmers get encouragement they will respond.

hi everyone. still on a flat trajectory! and now with Christmas approaching a little bit of reverse might happen ;).can't be a good boy all the time ;D. i have a head cold which is not helping, (thanks to the lovely damp Irish weather). no matter i will hit the new year with a vengeance! i can actually do a couple of chin ups ;D .so a happy Christmas and peaceful new year to you all and i hope Santa comes ;D

hi again. still can't break the carb link. i seem to be hovering around the 105kg mark, with work and home getting the better of me motivation seems to be slipping a bit :(

Advice Column / Re: A question about posture...
« on: December 05, 2007, 04:17:22 PM »
hi guys have to agree with the walk tall walk straight line. the barefoot thing is spot on, my mum had me going barefoot due to crossing toes(which sorted them by the way) and i was able to walk/run on rough tarred roads. pity i have since lost that ability. any ideas for a bad back its starting to annoy me (result of bad lifestyle, rugby, car accident and not realising the limits of my strength

ok guys i haven't gone away ;) hit a bit of a wall lately hassle every way i turned but have come through it relatively ok. i think i am back on track again. now that winter approaches finding spare time is a bit more difficult. still haven't fully moved onto stage 2, it's hard not to have a spud with the dinner i am irish after all ;D, as you say yourself ,youv'e got to be true to your roots lol ;D
i do promise to try harder ;)

oops i think the pope is going to disown me ;D.i reckon i could make it as a bible basher 8). just send your donations to me and you will be saved ;D

1.    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (100%)
2.    Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (99%)
3.    Neo-Pagan (98%)
4.    Bahá'í Faith (93%)
5.    Liberal Quakers (90%)
6.    Sikhism (87%)
7.    Theravada Buddhism (86%)
8.    Unitarian Universalism (86%)
9.    Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (80%)
10.    Orthodox Quaker (79%)
11.    Mahayana Buddhism (78%)
12.    Orthodox Judaism (77%)
13.    New Age (77%)
14.    Reform Judaism (73%)
15.    Secular Humanism (67%)
16.    Jainism (65%)
17.    Jehovah's Witness (64%)
18.    Hinduism (64%)
19.    New Thought (63%)
20.    Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (61%)
21.    Taoism (61%)
22.    Eastern Orthodox (58%)
23.    Roman Catholic (58%)
24.    Seventh Day Adventist (54%)
25.    Scientology (53%)
26.    Islam (53%)
27.    Nontheist (51%)

before and after photos? :o do you want to get the website shut down? ;D will see what i can do but the after ones will have to wait :-[

no worries about going anorexic! but i insist on getting under 100 kg . am increasing exercise lots of walking at work carrying weight over difficult terrain. am doing push ups sit ups squats trying to do them everyday :-[. but i am improving ;D body shape is improving and I'm working on getting stage two going ;)

OK hi all week three nearly down re read the guidelines, must have missed the graze lightly part! should were my glasses more often. stage two could be more difficult and i think i need a longer lead in time( really long). i have been doing some exercises but just need to up the frequency. ( once counts doesn't it ;D). as for the chin ups, if i try them i will look like a caveman dragging my hands on the ground! they are an exercise i always found difficult but i will give the others a go and if i don't pass out i will record some times ;). when would you guys think the best time to weigh oneself is, i prefer first thing in the morning when the stomach is empty or is that giving me a false reading? looking forward to hearing some opinions. bye for now 8)

well week two is now over and I'm still on target. my first landmark is within sight, i feel small targets are more attainable and less likely to cause upset if failed. as for that calling you heard Matt, i must be a little bit   deaf in that ear, definitely didn't hear a thing. I intend exercising once i find something suitable for me ;D. I am open to suggestions :-X p.s. exactly when is piazza etc supposed to taste not so nice? I had one the other night and man.......... :-X :-X :D

OK hi all one week down and still not a cannibal! might be down a couple of kgs but its hard to see the dial without my glasses. had a few bad moments and resisted most temptations (well I'm not perfect). having good days and not so good days and it helps when people ask if I've lost weight :). i think I'll do two more weeks of stage 1 and maybe low level exercises. i will keep you posted ;)

thanks Matt,
i hear what your saying. i am looking for slow permanent loss. while not fit I'm able to do everything i want. so d-day for me is 17/09/07 time to take the first step. breakfast could be tricky! feel hungry just thinking about it!  :-\

hi Matt cool site. Am just about to start being like a caveman and was wondering best things to help with hunger pangs (got a lot of bad food habits) and am not very energetic. also i would need to lose 25 +kg and was wondering what sort of time span i should aim at. thanks for helping me motivate myself! :)

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