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General Discussion / Re: Worried!!!
« on: April 05, 2011, 09:28:24 PM »
Sorry, I have not thank you all for helping/responding to my request; been busy doing more research..(smiling). When I posted that comment, I ate about half size Chinese bowl of food, and it didn't feel well, so I pounded 2 glasses of water and went to bed at 0200 in the morning, just to be awaken at 0430 for a 3 mile run, and I was still energetic for the run. We ran it around 00:06:45 minute to a 00:07: 30 minute pace, which took me by surprise because I cannot keep up a 6 minute pace in two miles, especially running trails with hilly terrains. I was nervous because I had the feeling that I might pass out anytime soon without knowing it. After the run, I went to a grocery store and bought a coconut and ate it, (darn Hawaiians, coconuts seem to be the fix to everything, *smiling*) for breakfast, just to be safe so I don't pass out in class.

I went to class, sat through a boring 4 hour class without any sense of tiredness. When lunch break came around and went to the gym to see how I can do in the pool....and, wallah! I COULD NOT even swim one lap; basically drowning. I was driven back to class by a friend from the gym, and I was in bed from 4PM till 0500 the next day. I am officially off the diet as we speak, but I have noticed the amount of improvement on my physical workouts since last week. I swam 3000meters yesterday with fins in a pool under 90 minutes, 00:83:23. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DIET, but please be careful because some side effects are crazy.

Thank you all my fellow cave siblings for the words of knowledge. I have lost 8lbs of fat, and my wife doesn't like She said that I make her look fat. Love you guys, and keep it real.

General Discussion / Worried!!!
« on: March 29, 2011, 07:56:53 PM »
I am on Phase III and I have worked out twice today, including 12 muscle ups, pull ups, 4 miler run w/7:30+ minute pace, and dips...its 2200 and I am not craving food...and I AM STILL FULL OF ENERGY!!! Is this bad?!?!?!

In Phase II, I couldn't stop thinking about food, now I cant think of food. I cooked a pot full of cubed steaks (my favorite) and I don't even want to eat it; I took a bite and I feel dizzy. Please Matt, advice me on this because I know I need some calorie intake...


General Discussion / Re: It works for the elite
« on: March 29, 2011, 07:48:15 PM »
I'm an instructor for the US Army Ranger School in Florida, and I just want to stay fit. This diet was recommended by my crossfit buddies, and I love it. I worked out twice today, and its 2200 and I have not eat anything while full of energy and wanting food. Is this bad?


Fitness & Exercise / Chris's results
« on: March 29, 2011, 07:40:27 PM »
I saw the workouts and wanted to see how I can manage; I did 12 muscle ups (3 sets of 4, 1 minute break), 17 dips, and 23 pull ups. All you veterans out there, is that a good start or not. This summer is my 1st time toward crossfit. I started the diet with workouts on March 23rd 2011. Please let me know, I want to be able to beat Matt's record..and I will film it..(smiling).

Matt is a genius!!! This lifestyle is what I have been searching for!


Fitness & Exercise / Question
« on: March 29, 2011, 12:00:01 PM »
Matt Emery,

Did you do all the events together? I can do probably two events with high results, but I am pretty sure the third one will be just a grunt, (smiling).


General Discussion / It works for the elite
« on: March 29, 2011, 09:04:55 AM »
I am on Stage 3 and the results are amazing. I can now run a 12:45 minutes in a 2 mile, 36m in 5 miler, and most of all, my crossfit workouts are even getting better. OBTW, I just turned 30 and I am in better shape than I was 19 as a US Army Ranger.


PS: Power to the Cave men!

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