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General Discussion / sorry emery
« on: October 06, 2010, 11:16:33 PM »
well, I just read this article
and I'll give you some thoughts

(note that this article is 'corrupted' by the "health"industry!!!, but it make (some) good points)
1: "geared mostly to men" = I'm fairly new around here but I have seen several women on the forum who are quite enthousiast ,and so they make the statement that cavewomen were eating different then cavemen??

2: "this system was created by an Australian named Matt Emery who seems to be very involved with this website and this plan. It is not certain if Emery really has any professional degrees in the field of health and physical education — as a matter of fact, his biography says he is basically a normal guy who discovered this method of eating." = OMG I'm sorry mat, you are not a proffesionnal, so that means this method is as fake as it can be! which just means you are not following the rules of the industry!! you are evil

3: "Everything you want to know is available for free on the website" = you don't want to make money with this so how true can this be???

4: "This diet consists of very limited food in the daytime and unlimited food in the evening, a plan not commonly advised advised by nutritionists" and
"Matt Emery does not have any applicable training in this area" = again stirring things up against "the industry"

ok I haven't started yet (I will next week), but I know this method is one that works
and that is the problem!!!!

they don't want people to lose weight and become in good shape (that doesn't make money!!) and the fact that all the info is for free and you don't need special pills or powders or training-equipement (where is the money in that???)

the fact that Matt is "just a guy" is a huge advantage for all of us who want to try this or allready have done it
Matt is not "corrupted" by the industry, but truely wants us to become back to normal

so Matt, thank you for this and keep up the good work 8)

Advice Column / coffee
« on: October 05, 2010, 11:48:29 AM »
I'm new here and I have a question
I am going to start on stage one soon but I was wondering
can I drink coffee????
you see, I am a seriously coffee addict (I admit, its even worst)
or perhaps some chicory or something ???

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