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Food & Diet / Cheat food?
« on: June 04, 2008, 06:06:14 PM »
OK so I am at day 7 of going completely cold turkey caveman.  I have been eating hardbiolded egg, bananna, grapes, and almonds for breakfeast.  I snack on almonds, carrot sticks, sweet bell peppers, and grapes (mixed with blueberries) during the day.  I have been eating a decent sized chicken type meal a night (with the exception off Salmon one night).  But today I had a moment of weakness.  A neighbor brought over a fresh pan of Brownies!! I didn't have the heart to turn down the show of kidness.  So there it sat in my kitchen for 10 minutes while I did the antsy pants dance trying to hold myself back.  I ended up wrapping it in tinfoil and calling my friends to come over and eat it for me.  But to deal with my incredible desire for sweets becuase of this I ate a large tablespoon of peanutbutter.

So my question is...would it have been better just to plow into the brownies and make myself sick so that it would possibly kill my desire next time they came around? Or was eating the peanutbutter just as bad?? 

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