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Fitness & Exercise / Any Tips for Development of Pecs?
« on: March 15, 2008, 11:03:12 AM »
As I near the completion of the weight loss phase of my paleo diet, it's become naggingly apparent to me that my pectoral muscles are underdeveloped - something I've always been self-conscious about, since I was a skinny kid. When I wasn't so skinny, the covering fat sort of mad eup for it, but now that's gone and what's really there (or not there) is obvious.

So, that said, does anyone have some exercise tips for pec development? My workouts are done on a Total Gym, which helps, somewhat, but I find it difficult to isolate my pectorals and give them a really good workout that will promote growth. I've seen the Perfect Pushup gizmo on TV and I think I may give that a try, also, but I'd like to know of any other techniques, preferably those that don't require any investment in equipment. Yep, I know about pushups, of course, but even there, it's difficult to get the results I want. Maybe free-weight bench presses?

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