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Well it seems in this day and age nothing is sacred as integrity and honesty go out the window for a quick buck.

I never took much heed of the Heart Foundation Tick before anyway as I have always trusted my own investigations and research rather then blindly following what I am told. But now that this has happened, I rate them amongst the corporations and not as fighters for the good fight of the public like they once used to be. The article may read like McDonalds is doing a good thing, but if you look closer and think about it all it proves is that the Heart Foundation has bowed to the almighty dollar. Remember that McDonalds commercial some time ago with a "nutritionist" backing their products? This is just the next step. Yes indeed, money does buy everything in this world it seems.

I'm not too fearful for people on this website, after all they are here because they seek the truth and are intelligent enough to do their own research. I do however hold grave concerns for the "average Joe" who will buy into the Heart Foundation Tick mentality no matter what they start slapping it on. My concern for this is compounded by the fact that I myself had heart surgery as a child for congenital heart defects. I have strived most of my life, adult life in particular, to keep healthy and fit. I do have a vested interest given my history, but everyone has a heart that they need to keep healthy so in fact we all have a vested interest here.

My advice, as always, is to be vigilant and do your own research and trust your own findings in all matters relating to health and food.

Always ask the questions:
Where does this food or product come from? (Is that nasty chemical pumped chicken or did it come from the local organic farmer?)
Who is funding the research? (It's hardly a surprise that dairy funded research shows only positives whereas smaller non-mainstream independents show many negatives along side the positive claims.)
Who is making these claims and what is their interest in this? (Why would a company say their product is unhealthy? Simple, they wouldn't, even if it is.)
Is the person giving you advice knowledgeable and do they live what they preach? (How many fat, unfit, chain smoking medical staff have you seen outside the local hospital? Why would you listen to that for health advice?)

Self empowerment through knowledge and understanding followed up by action in your own life is the single biggest thing you can do toward improving the situation.

Add some photos! / Humorous Images
« on: March 22, 2008, 10:47:05 PM »
A thread for humorous images relating to health. Feel free to post any you find or create.

Philosophy / My wierd poem
« on: January 11, 2008, 06:43:08 AM »
No More

No more packaged poisons.
No more chemical cocktails.
No more profits over people.
No more greed over good.
No more bottom line over pulse line.
No more destruction for the sake of desire.

Are you strong enough to make the right choice?
Are you strong enough to stand up for others?
Are you strong enough to stand up for the planet?
Are you strong enough to say no?
Are you strong enough to do without?
Are you strong enough to scream and shout?

Well, are you?

I'm not really one for poetry and such but I felt compelled to share this one. I'm not sure what they call these types of "half rhyming but not really ones".  :D

General Discussion / Greetings from me, Seeker
« on: January 11, 2008, 04:52:03 AM »
Hello Matt and everyone else on the Caveman Power forum. After some months of reading the forum I decided to finally register.

I have been an avid fan of healthy eating and training for some time (having lost 7 kilograms throughout 2007) and I am an honest and open person who will share my views and opinions with anyone who is interested in discussing them. At the same time I listen carefully to all who speak and always take the time to disseminate the information then research it further if I feel the need.

I am a man of strong faith but I am also a logical, scientific and facts based person with an investigative nature. God is real to me and the evidence in my mind supports His existence. I do not, however, expect my beliefs to be accepted by anyone else. Nor will I force them on anyone. Nor will I debate the faith aspects, as there is simply no way to explain them and no point to doing so. Sharing in a two way discussion though; that's good.

I have had a strong aversion to mainstream "truth" for some years now. My mind has hardened so much against this as to be almost totally immune to advertising and hype, and as a result I see most things for what they really are. Like Matt, I know all too well that the bottom line ($$$) is all that matters for those people and their corporations.

I hope to have an enjoyable and informative time here with you all and hope to talk to each of you soon.

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