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General Discussion / Re: First week of Stage 1
« on: November 05, 2014, 08:12:13 PM »
Awesome! Best of luck Storm!!! You'll nail it! ;D

General Discussion / Re: I'm gonna give me hand at this
« on: November 03, 2014, 12:14:49 AM »
Awesome! ;D

Day 7 today. Got on the scales today and I'm showing 94.9KG. Awesome to see it going down again. Yesterday was Saturday and we were out for lunch with friends in a cafe that had no fruit or nuts available so I reversed the daily plan and had my main meal there at 1pm and then just ate fruit and nuts for the rest of the day. I was amazed that after the relatively small cafe meal I didn't get hungry for anything until around 8pm though. I NEVER would have lasted that long with food in the past. My stomach must be getting smaller or my blood sugars balancing out for once, not sure, but I like it! :) I can see the very bloated look gone from my face this morning which is great. Nice to get rid of all that excess water I was retaining and/or fat around my face. Pumped going into week 2!

27/10/14- 98.1KG
2/11/14 - 94.9KG

Total loss to date: 3.2KG (7 lbs)

I've still got today (Sunday) to go for week 1 so should be looking at 8 or 9 lbs weight loss in week 1. Really great. Great to see the scales going down each day rather than up each day for a change! :)


Day 5 today. Got on the scales today and I'm showing 96.3KG. So down more! Down is good!

27/10/14- 98.1KG
31/10/14 - 96.3KG

Total loss to date: 1.8KG (4 lbs)

That's with me eating steak or a burger in the evenings with chips etc. No healthy at all. I have found that already I'm finding that kind of food less attractive. Definitely noticeable shift. Regardless of weight loss, my energy has definitely increased and my hunger pangs are getting less and less. Really liking it so far.

General Discussion / Re: Caveman diet "impressed"
« on: October 28, 2014, 10:36:37 PM »
Awesome results MW!  Well done! :)

Thanks Storm.

Day 3 today. Got on the scales today and I'm showing 97.1KG, down 1KG since Monday. Small but positive.

27/10/14- 98.1KG
29/10/14 - 97.1KG

I actually think I'll change my scales from kilos to pounds as the needle moves a lot further each time and psychologically it will feel better! lol :)


27/10/14- 216.2 pounds
29/10/14 - 214 pounds

A lot hungrier to than I was on the first two days for some reason. I think the difference is that I didn't cycle into work this morning. Must do something with my metabolism.

Anyway...onwards and upwards!

Hi All,

Inspired by fellow poster Storm5, I have decided to launch full steam ahead into this food plan / lifestyle (I hate calling anything a diet).

I’m currently at 98.1KG and have a goal of 81KG in order to achieve a healthy weight and normal BMI etc. I was 86KG for years until the past year and a half where I have attracted a ton of extra kilos, largely because of increased bad food choices and driving a lot more where before I walked etc.

Anywhooo….I’m on day 1, about half way through and feeling ok. I got a CRAZY hunger pang this morning and felt a bit dizzy/fuzzy etc but I just grabbed a handful of cashews and took a walk on my lunch and I’ve had no hunger since then. Amazing really. I can’t believe it’s 3pm in the day and all I’ve had is 2 pieces of watermelon, an apple and 4 or 5 handfuls of nuts. I’ve drank a ton of water too. I like Storm5’s phrase “Water Is Strength”…any time I’m getting hungry I’m downing a ton more water. If I’m still hungry after a few minutes then I know it’s time for a little grazing. Water has been doing the trick most of the time so far today though!

I’m determined to stick to this. I’ll update here when I can.


PS: for exercise I'm trying to cycle into work each day. It's about 30mins (9km). I've also gutted my garage and made it into a gym with exercise ball, exercise mat, weight bench, rowing machine and skipping rope. Plan to just do cardio (no weights) for this first 2 weeks. 30mins cardio per day seems to be the sweet spot.

General Discussion / Re: First week of Stage 1
« on: October 26, 2014, 04:28:39 PM »
Hi Storm!

Wow! You've really inspired me to jump into this Caveman diet. Thank's a lot!

I'm going to create my own diary thread to track progress and stay motivated and accountable! Hope you're still online to ask a question or two along the way!

When you started with 4 to 5 days of cardio, what did that consist of? 25mins of running or walking or cycling etc? Also, did you find you had the energy to exercise the same even though you weren't eating as much? Also, how much food were you eating in the first week? 500g of almonds and 3 apples per day for example?

Thanks a lot!


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