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Food - Diet and Eating

The Caveman Power Diet consists of the methods i've used to lose weight (fat), detox my system, and increase my vitality. These methods are loosely based on what Primal Man may have done in the time of the Hunter/Gatherer. I have personally tried everything mentioned here, and I have experienced very positive results. Prior to starting I would of classed myself as average in health, average in weight and free of major allergies or illnesses.

And now, I am fitter than I have been since I was a teenager, and i'm in my 30's now. It's been terrific for me, and that is why I want to share it.

Eat like you would if you lived off the land...

What is the Caveman Power Diet?

It's not just about losing weight - this is very important to understand, right now.

I've spent some time mimicing what I thought the Hunter/Gatherer would likely do, and I discovered that it felt incredibly natural, as if my body had been perfectly designed for this. So i continued my experiment, and I soon found that my energy levels had increased, and that I was losing fat at a steady rate. I felt my mind become clearer, and I also felt more in touch with my emotions.

This diet is aimed at getting you back in touch with your instincts. And yes, you will lose weight, but the emotional and mental aspects of this diet will also become very clear to you after several days of doing it. You will also feel raw and perhaps even euphoric for a while until you get used to it, which is normal.

"By mimicing the methods of primal man, our body is in a natural state - and performs at it's peak."

I'm interested in your thoughts and opinions, I encourage you to share about them on the forums.

So easy, even a Caveman can do it.

A lot of diets make you feel as if you are being punished - lets face it, who wants to eat a salad when you're craving Pizza? Most weight loss diets work against our natural instincts by forcing us to exert unnatural control over our eating habits. They don't feel right, and therefore they fail.

That in my opinion, is why most weight loss diets fail. Controlling your intake of food all day and every day is completely unnatural, and it's depressing. When is the last time you saw an animal on a diet?

Animals know exactly what and when to eat, it's a basic instinct they are born with, and remember - humans are animals too.

Your body knows exactly what it needs, but unfortunately we have been misguided by the forces of modern agriculture, domestic farming, food industry marketing, and corporate profiteering.

The Caveman Power Diet will help get you back in touch with your basic instincts, and it is those instincts that will guide you to eat exactly what your body needs. So how does it work? Read on and i'll explain everything in finer detail.

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