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Stage Three - The Caveman Power Diet

If you have completed Stage One and Stage Two you will have noticed your body becoming a fine specimen indeed. You would have lost excess weight, optimised your energy levels, and sharpened your mind. And if you've acheived that, you're ready for Stage Three.

What Stage Three aims to achieve

  • Appreciation of healthy foods at healthy times.
  • A joyful relationship with food.
  • Enhancement of your natural judgement towards food selection.
  • An ongoing journey of getting in touch with your natural instincts - being true to your biology.

How to do Stage Three

The process of getting in tune with your instincts has begun. So lets explore further, and take it to another level.

How long to stay on Stage Three
As long as you like. And at anytime you can go back to Stage One or Two if you need to kickstart things again.
Every Morning
First thing upon waking - slam down a big cup of water. Your body will love it!
Every Day
Nurture any desire or craving you may have for natural unprocessed foods such as nuts, seeds, vegetables, oily fish and lean meat. Learn to graze on small amounts, and drink plenty of water.
Every Night
Feast on a healthy meal, rejoice in food, eat it with your hands if possible! Smell it and experience it as intimately as you can, for food is life!


Desiring healthy foods means that you have succesfully tuned into your instincts. The rest is easy, and incredibly enjoyable. It's all about training your body to love good food, and that's what the Caveman Power Diet does.

  • By now you will have likely revolutionised your system, and returned to a natural equilibrium with food. Your instincts would have become sharper and your intuition towards food more accurate. Is there room for improvement?
  • Your body is now your guide - can you trust it? If not, you can further practise the Cavemen Power principles to help develop that trust in your judgment towards food. It's the most natural thing you can do, so think like an animal, and feast on life giving food.

Congratulations - and welcome to your new, healthy life!

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