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Stage One - The Caveman Power Diet

Congratulations, you've just opened the door to a world of healthy possibilities. Simply by reading this web page you are making a positive step.

Welcome to Stage One! During this stage we will be tuning our body in preparation for The Caveman Power Diet. Are you ready? If so, let's go!

What Stage One aims to achieve

  • Start the fat burning process, weight loss can begin immediately.
  • Help you to truly feel the effects that food has on you.
  • Increase your energy levels.

How to do Stage One

The first week will challenge you, but it's likely that you will enjoy the challenge because you will be rewarded daily with a feast!

How long to stay on Stage One
A minimum of 2 weeks, and a maximum of 4 weeks.
Every Morning
First thing upon waking - slam down a big cup of water. You will get a 'brain rush' and your body will come to life rather quickly.
Every Day
Graze lightly on small amounts of fruit and unsalted nuts during the day, not dried fruit (it's full of concentrated sugar). You will start detoxing immediately. Don't worry if you get a bit hungry, because at night you can feast as much as you like - focus on that as a reward for your day's efforts.
Every Night
Feast on anything you want... and as much as you want! Eat only once though - don't have multiple meals. It doesn't matter what time you feast, you can feast at 1am if that suits you, anytime is fine - welcome to Caveman Power!


In the beginning, you will feast once a day on anything you like. Go ahead and have Pizza, Burgers, Chips, whatever your heart desires. You will come to learn how much you really enjoy these foods... not much at all.

  • Eating anything you want will eventually lead you to crave healthy food.
  • Any excessive hunger will disappear entirely, as your body returns your stomach to it's natural state. After all, your stomach is only the size of your fist!
  • You may feel light headed for the first few days, particularly if you are excercising. This is a good thing! Your body is just burning fat instead of sugar, and the weight loss process has begun.
  • You may notice you have extra energy; because you're not sedating yourself with food. This is wonderful as it means you are becoming raw, energetic and vital. Embrace it fully, don't be afraid - you are alive!
When to move on to Stage Two

The premise of Stage One was to get you in tune with your body, and to stabilise hunger cravings. If you feel that you have acheived that, you are ready for Stage Two.

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