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The Caveman Power Sneaky Workout

Sneak in a few exercises during your day to day life - you'll be amazed at the results.

This workout is a great way to break you in, or get you though a plateau. The beauty of it is; you can do it anywhere, and at anytime during the day or night.

  • Duration: spread over 24 hours
  • Intensity: low
  • Equipment: anything that does the job

Deadlifts in the Office
Pushups in the board room
Bicep Curls during business hours

The Workout

Pick one exercise, and choose how many you want to do over 24 hours.


  • 60 chinups over 24 hours
  • 100 situps over 24 hours
  • 80 pushups over 24 hours
  • Use your imagination!

Pick an exercise and a quantity, and sneak it in!
Wether you're in an office, or at home, it doesn't matter - simply sneak in one or more reps of your chosen exercise whenever you can.

Excellent for developing fitness in specific exercises
If you have a weakness in doing chinups, then doing random reps during the day or night is an excellent way to slowly increase your fitness in this area. The same principle applies for any other exercise.

"As fit as a modern day athlete"
If you suspect that statement to be true, then you'll probably want to know why it could be true. Well, this is what I have devoted my life to finding out, and I want to share with you everything i've learnt, as well as learn from you!
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