Category: Mental Health

  • Schizophrenia improved by mental and physical exercise

    Scientists at Melbourne’s Howard Florey Institute have shown that mental and physical exercise can improve behavioural deficits in schizophrenia and repair damaged chemical transmitter pathways in the brain. “Pharmaceutical approaches may not be the sole answer for a given brain disease. People may still need optimal levels of physical and mental activity, as well as […]

  • Depression being over-diagnosed?

    Here’s an interesting story from From the article; An Australian psychiatrist has accused the medical profession of over-diagnosing depression, and says thousands of people are wrongly being prescribed drugs to treat it. According to Professor Gordon Parker of the University of New South Wales, the current threshold for what is considered to be “clinical […]

  • Depression in the year 2020

    It’s not looking good according to the WHO (World Health Organisation)… “Depression is the leading cause of disability, and the 4th leading contributor to the global burden of disease in 2000. By the year 2020, depression is projected to reach 2nd place for all ages, both sexes. Today, depression is already 2nd in the age […]

  • Observations on Self Esteem

    Cathi Cohen, in her book, Raise Your Child’s Social IQ, offers the following list of characteristics of children with positive and negative self esteem: Kids with High Self-Esteem Have fairly stable moods Set realistic goals and achieve them Have self-motivation and “stick-to-it-ness” Can accept rejection or critical feedback Can say “no” to peers Are realistically […]