Category: Food and Diet

  • Society makes it easy for you to be overweight

    An interesting article from the University of Sydney highlights what we at Caveman Power have been advocating for some time now. From the article: The global epidemic of Type 2 diabetes is an indicator of serious underlying issues in our society, says a University medical expert. “People think of this as an issue of individual responsibility […]

  • Get food marketers off kid’s backs!

    Recent research by the NSW Centre for Overweight & Obesity COO discovered this advertisement by Mainland. “It  appears  to  us  that Mainland’s  compliance with  advertising restrictions is as dubious as the nutritional content of their snack!” stated Bridget Kelly in her article in the Prevention Research Centres Newsletter. I agree with Bridget, and although I […]

  • Summary of trends in obesity-related behaviours in NSW and Australia

    The NSW Centre for Public Health Nutrition have released a report outlining the recent rends in obesity related behaviors.  It clearly shows that children’s intake of high-sugar foods and drinks have risen sharply. What is particularly interesting is that the consumption of high-sugar foods and drinks has risen substantially for children, and not for adults. So what […]

  • Children’s television – Types of foods advertised

    A recent study by the NSW Centre for Overweight & Obesity has revealed an alarming trend in their comparison of children’s viewing hours versus non-children’s viewing hours. << Click on the image (left) to see a detailed view. Here are more disturbing facts from the report; The frequency of advertisements for sugared drinks was more […]