Greetings astute traveller, this website now exists for historical reasons.

Much has been learned since it's unception in 2006. I urge you to keep exploring the evolution of information through other websites.

About Caveman Power

Caveman Power exists for one reason; to bring sanity to an insane world.

Humans are by default; fit, healthy, energetic, mentally sharp, emotionally potent and wonderfully creative. Each and every one of us is an incredible creation.

However, many people are marginalised or outcasted due to their Neurodiversity or their inconsistency with modern society's unnatural expectations. These people are quite often healthy individuals, and in the natural world they would be at no disadvantage. Yet they are persecuted and/or drugged with modern pharmaceuticals in order to make them fit into society. This for the most part, is wrong.

In modern society we are constantly being distracted and influenced by marketing forces and in fact, little by little we are being mechanised and repressed to such a degree that making it through a working week without going slightly insane is considered an acheivement.

Now to clarify; Caveman Power is not about the rejection of modern society. Caveman Power is about finding clarity in our current sociological situation. We seek ways to adapt to these modern progressive forces whilst maintaining our health and sanity. We compliment our lifestyles by embracing the wisdoms of both primal and modern man.

The modern caveman; is a hybrid of primal wisdoms and modern wisdoms. We are truth seekers - which is the most natural instinct of all.

About Us

We are a group of enthusiasts who are positive, energetic, real, and apparently... humble :)

We meet regularly to share the experience of hiking, mountain bike riding, exercise and other wholesome activites. It helps all of us to alleviate the stress of modern society. We are located in Australia, but we encourage people worldwide to enjoy the Caveman Power Principles, just as we do.

The Goals of Caveman Power

Our goal is to get in touch with what is real about this planet. We do that by hiking through the bush, embracing natural foods, and developing kinship. This website is devoted to helping anyone and everyone achieve a better life by getting a better understanding of ourselves and our instincts, because therein we find contentment.

The Caveman Power Crew
Left to right: Michael Player, Owen Fox, Matt Emery, Luke, Matt Burroughs.

Matt Emery
Matt Emery
Modern Hybrid Caveman

This website is devoted to helping you (and me) achieve a better life by embracing the wisdoms of primal man.

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"As fit as a modern day athlete"
If you suspect that statement to be true, then you'll probably want to know why it could be true. Well, this is what I have devoted my life to finding out, and I want to share with you everything i've learnt, as well as learn from you!
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