Shane looks down at where I just missed treading on an Eastern Brown Snake, note the nervous smile :) This is exactly where I nearly trod on an Eastern Brown Snake, the second deadliest snake in the world (behind the Inland Tapain). It was only 50-60cm long, but that doesn't matter, they are as deadly as adults as soon as they're born! So folks, never mess with a snake, no matter how small it is!!! Just because it's small, doesn't mean it can't kill you. I always carry a snake bite kit in the bush, consisting of bandages and tape. If you ever do get bitten by a snake, stay still and wrap a bandage around the limb, don't cut off the circulation, you're doing this to restrict movement, not blood flow. Snake bite venom travels through the victim's body via the lymph nodes, so it's important NOT to move at all. Just bandage the victim, and go for help. A snake bite from an Eastern Brown Snake can kill you in 15-30 minutes. But if you stay still, you'll survive for many hours.

"As fit as a modern day athlete"
If you suspect that statement to be true, then you'll probably want to know why it could be true. Well, this is what I have devoted my life to finding out, and I want to share with you everything i've learnt, as well as learn from you!
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