types_of_food_advertised_small A recent study by the NSW Centre for Overweight & Obesity has revealed an alarming trend in their comparison of children’s viewing hours versus non-children’s viewing hours.

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Here are more disturbing facts from the report;

  • The frequency of advertisements for sugared drinks was more than twice as high during children’s viewing hours compared with non-children’s viewing hours.
  • The viewing period with the highest proportion of food advertisements for high fat/high sugar foods was during weekend children’s viewing times. During this time, high fat/high sugar advertisements comprised 52.7% of all food advertisements.

Food corporations are profiting at the expense of children’s health.  And the government guidelines for regulation clearly lack efficacy. But we can fight back by hurting unscrupulous food corporations where it hurts most; their net profit.  Every time we choose a healthy product over a non-healthy product – we take the power back.

Sources: The NSW Centre for Overweight and Obesity