Byron & Julia

Wyatt & Margie

Byron Moats (ages 65) and Wyatt Moats (aged 68) are brothers who are walking coast to coast across the United States to raise money and awareness for Diabetes.

About two years ago they decided along with their wives to walk across the country. They began in January 2007, and are aided by their wives Margie and Julia, who drive a mobile home, cook meals and manages first aid. Margie is 63 and Julia is 64.

As of September 2007, they are approx. halfway through their journey.

All have lost weight, and can see dramatic changes in their diabetes. Both, each with Type II Diabetes, have found that the daily walks of about 16 miles a day have not only lowered their blood sugar levels significantly, but also stabilised them.

The Trip: San Diego, CA to Savannah, GA
Distance: Approximately 2850 miles
      Goal:  Walk 20 – 25 miles per day
The Dates: Saturday Jan. 27, 2007 – ?

The Moats have stated:

We are walking for the American Diabetes Association. We are hoping to raise awareness of the following:

A.  The Dangers of Diabetes
      1.  High Blood Pressure
      2.  Heart Disease
      3.  Stroke
      4.  High Cholesterol
      5.  More Prone to Infections

B.  The Necessity of Good Exercise Habits
      1.  Walking Reduces Blood Glucose Levels
      2.  Proper Diet Helps Control Glucose Levels

We have two goals:
      1.  Raise $10,000 for the American Diabetes Assoc.
      2.  Raise $10,000 for our expenses on the walk

Our expenses will include gas for the motor home, food, and occasional lodging in motels to do laundry and just “recharge our batteries.”

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